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Devi Sanatan Amrit

Chaitra Navratri March 2018

Chaitra   Navratri is an auspicious 9-day period that is dedicated to worshipping  Goddess Shakti  by which a person can resolve any problem in his life  . It will start on Gudi Padwa  18/03/2018  .  Due to our busy life we are not able to maintain relation  with Devi between the two Navratris . Hence it is recommended  to start basic Devi Puja,  30 days before Navratri  . 


Reading  Devi Mahatmaya and other chapters from the  book "DEVI Sanantan Amrit " and doing mantra chant for your desired wish from the  book "DEVI Sanantan Amrit " will give you exponential result during this period . 
Chaitra  Navratri Day 1 Date 18/03/2018
Chaitra  Navratri Day 2 Date 19/03/2018
Chaitra  Navratri Day 3 Date 20/03/2018
Chaitra  Navratri Day 4 Date 21/03/2018
Chaitra  Navratri Day 5 Date 22/03/2018
Chaitra  Navratri Day 6 Date 23/03/2018
Chaitra  Navratri Day 7 Date 24/03/2018
Chaitra  Navratri Day 8/9 Date 25/03/2018
Dinesh Sehgal
Shakti Yogi

Maha Shivaratri 2018

Maha  Shivaratri is the time when  Lord Shiva got married to Goddess Parvati ( Shakti).

Maha Shivaratri is celebrated on the Krishna Paksha Chaturdashi of Hindu calendar month Maagha

Chaturdashi Tithi Begins = 22:34 on 13/Feb/2018

Chaturdashi Tithi Ends = 00:46 on 15/Feb/2018.

Maha Shivarati is a great time to please Goddess Durga.

Lord Shiva recommends to Maa Parvati (Kali) In Durga Sapthasati which is  part of Markandaya Puran  , that the person who  reads  Durga Ashtottara Shatanamavali Stotram will please  Goddess Durga and will get  wealth , spouse , child , luxury, Power , blessings from all Demi Gods , favours from ruler, favours from Government,  endless luck ,  horse  ( car), elephants ( SUV ), four Purusharthas — Dharma, Artha, Kaam, Moksha, and in the end will get liberated .

Click the link for Durga Ashtottara Shatanamavali Stotram  - 

 Also before you start the puja first listen to Ganpati Mantra at -

For Advance Puja read the  book "Devi Sanatan Amrit "

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